Barbara Bretton


Love Changes

When first love failed her, it took someone special to prove love changes...

It took Stacey Andersen five years to put the pieces of her life back together after her fiance walked out. As a successful businesswoman with part ownership in a small computer company, Stacey was satisfied - until Franco Borelli exploded into her peaceful world.

Sophisticated and secure, Franco shook her very core, and with burning ecstasy threatened the deepest, darkest secret any woman could ever reveal!

The Sweetest of Debts

Accepting his love, could she repay the sweetest of debts? Lainie Randall was shocked by Rita's engagement. Not that Ethan Ward wasn't a nice man, but surely her aunt knew that marriage only hurt people--hadn't Lainie spent a year in Rita's Gettysburg home recuperating? Even now the thought of marriage frightened her. Matthew Ward was delighted by his father's engagement but he understood Lainie's feelings. Matt too knew emotional injuries, psychic scars. Unlike Lainie, Matt believed that love could heal, restore, renew. And suddenly it became extremely important for him to prove it-both for Lainie's sake and his own....

No Safe Place

After a terrible experience leaves Stefanie Colt with a fear that she cannot overcome without help, she takes self-defense lessons from Dan O'Connor, who encourages her to address her problems head-on.

The Edge of Forever

The Edge of Forever, an award-winning Harlequin American, available for the first time in e-book form.


But can a night of passion turn into a love that lasts forever?

Meg Lindstrom is a struggling photographer who drives a limo to make ends meet.

Joe Alessio is a best-selling author of fiery historical romances who hasn’t written a word in months.

They don't have a thing in common until Meg falls at his feet one sunny October afternoon and Joe realizes he’s finally met the woman of his dreams.

But first Joe will have to convince Meg that her dreams really can come true . . .


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Promises in the Night

Shooting Star

Hopeless opposites Katie Powers and Tom Sagan start their lives over together after escaping unhappy pasts, but Katie fears trusting Tom, and Tom must settle an old score before falling in love again.

Second Harmony

The storm brought them together . . .
But will love tear them apart?

He was the bad boy with the raging heart
She was the good girl with the big dreams

Now he is a master stonecutter with a broken marriage and a son he would move heaven and earth to keep safe from harm, while she is a success at everything she touches . . . everything except love

And then, seven years after they said goodbye forever, fate finally found a way to bring them back together and give them one last chance to get it right.

Praise for USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara Bretton

"A monumental talent." --Affaire de Coeur

"Very few romance writers create characters as well-developed as Bretton's. Her books pull you in and don't let you leave until the last word is read." --Booklist (starred review)

"One of today's best women's fiction authors." --The Romance Reader

"Barbara Bretton is a master at touching readers' hearts." --Romance Reviews Today


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Nobody's Baby

Nevada Vagabond "Help Wanted: Willing to travel. Knowledge of music a plus. Good driving record required." The Ad was taylor-made for playboy-Tony Graham, a world traveler who could certainly tell a G-sharp from a G-string and who hadn't scratched a sports car yet. The only thing Tony hadn't discovered was why a master musician like Jill Wiley was playing her baby grand piano in tiny Nevada towns. And since his new job was a limited engagement, he had only one month to find out.

Mother Knows Best

Mrs. Scrooge - Rocky Hill Romance Book 1

Single mother Samantha Dean doesn't have time for Christmas. Or romance, for that matter. She is weeks away from opening her own catering business, the most important part of her plan to provide her certified genius daughter Patty with all the wonderful things she deserves.

Except Patty doesn't want to go to a fancy boarding school. She wants a father and when she meets bartender Murphy O'Rourke at her fourth grade Career Day presentation, she knows she's met the man of her mother's dreams!

But can she convince her Mrs. Scrooge of a mom that it was time to give Christmas - and love - a second chance?


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Bundle of Joy - Rocky Hill Romance Book 2

One big surprise...

Everyone in town knew Caroline and Charlie just weren't meant for each other. Like oil and water or chalk and cheese, the ex-Navy cook and the beautiful shop owner were a bad match, and although the small New Jersey town was filled with inveterate matchmakers, even the most determined of the lot had to admit this was one match that would never happen.

But nobody had figured on Caroline and Charlie getting locked in a storage vault with an automatic timer set for the next morning...and Caroline and Charlie definitely hadn't figured on the little surprise they got a few months later when they discovered there was a baby on the way!

Caroline is sure she can handle everything alone but Charlie has other ideas: a modern marriage of convenience! At first there isn't anything convenient about living with the all-male Charlie Donohue, but before long Caroline's defenses are down and her husband-in-name-only is sharing her bed.

Is there even the slightest chance this marriage of inconvenience could turn into the real thing?


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Daddy's Girl


Hunter Phillips never thought he'd fall in love, but when he saw her honey blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and adoring smile, his heart melted. Only problem was, she was eight months old.

The niece he'd inherited certainly changed his life. These days the hip bachelor was strictly a one-woman man. Until he met Jeannie Ross.

She knew babies; babies were her business. And when she helped him clean farina off his shirt and a wet spot from his pants, Hunter knew what he was missing.

And that's when he knew that becoming an instant father didn't mean he was no longer a single man .. . .

Renegade Lover


The Invisible Groom

From Library Journal
When illusionist Chase Quinn brashly challenges the longstanding curse of the Tucker mine and ends up disappearing the very day that Jenna Grey is jilted for the third time, fate takes a hand. In order to pick up the threads of his life, Chase must face the thing that he fears most-marriage-which Jenna no longer thinks highly of, along with men. Things are further complicated by the fact that Chase is invisible! Unfortunately, what begins as a promising situation quickly becomes tedious and irritating, and even Bretton's fast pace and lively style can't quite make this one come together. Bretton has written a number of well-received romances, including Tomorrow and Always, published last year in hardcover by Harlequin and now out in paperback.
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For years she was public property--being married to celebrity Max Chance made any kind of private life impossible. Now, as the anniversary of her husband's tragic death approaches, fans are becoming more demanding, the press more voracious and Sara more lonely than ever. Then Sam Beringer walks back into her life.


Sentimental Journey
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Stranger in Paradise
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