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Shooting Star

A passionate love story from USA Today bestselling author Barbara Bretton

They met in Japan on the night of fireworks and celebration, when the ancestors visited their earthly homes and then followed the stars back to the heavens. Two Americans alone in a strange land, drawn together by magic and mystery and -- love? Impossible! Katie Powers put her heart in lockdown when her marriage ended. Tom Sagan's heart died along with his young wife.

But when they met on a hillside on that night of stars and fireworks, something wonderful happened and Tom isn't going to let Katie slip away from him, even if it means following her halfway around the world to prove there was a future for them if they had the courage to take another chance on love.

Sail Away

He was the right man . . . but it was the wrong time.

Diana Travis is the woman behind the wildly popular help column Mother Knows Best. The last few years have been a blur of hard work and no social life, so when her sister Paula offers her a month's free stay in a posh East Hampton beachfront cottage just for babysitting her twin toddler nieces, Diana jumps at the chance to spend July by the ocean.

But it's not all sun, surf, and sand. Diana has a plan for this summer: she's going to lose ten pounds, meet her book deadline, and forget the fact that her ex-husband is about to become a father.

Diana has almost everything she ever wanted but there's one thing missing: she wants a family of her own. And come September, she's going to put her heart and soul into making that dream come true.

And then she runs headlong into Gregory Stewart, the tall dark and handsome veterinarian with the wicked grin and amazing hands, and her well-planned future goes up in smoke when she discovers her fantasy lover is a man with a secret that could change her life forever.

Two rambunctious toddlers. An aging Abyssinian cat. A mouthy mynah bird. The man she'd waited a lifetime to find.

And only 31 days to get it right.

Previously published by Harlequin American as Mother Knows Best.

Promises in the Night

In the heart of the night promises are made . . . and hearts are broken.

Sometimes a smile is all it takes to change a man's life. From the moment TV shrink Alex Jakobs saw former ballerina Larkin Walker, he knew nothing would ever be the same. She stole his heart with just one look.

Larkin hadn't been looking for love but fate had other plans. She fell fast and hard for the tall, dark, and sexy doctor and wanted the world to know it.

But there is someone in the shadows . . . someone who wants Larkin for himself and is willing to do anything to make her his.

Previously published by Harlequin American.


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