Barbara Bretton


Fire's Lady

When the blood runs hot, the risks are great . . .

Beautiful, young Alexandra Glenn has been sent across the ocean to East Hampton to help restore the early paintings of renowned American Impressionist Andrew Lowell. Her excitement at the prospect of working with the aging master is quickly dimmed when she is confronted by Matthew McKenna, Lowell's mysterious houseguest and protector, who seems determined to drive her away.

Danger lurks everywhere in the cottage by the sea, fueled by dark secrets and a need for revenge that reaches from beyond the grave and threatens Alexandra's very life. Is Matthew McKenna her sworn enemy or the only person she can trust?

But on a starry night on a desert beach in her enemy's arms, Alexandra's suspicion turns into a fiery passion that not even danger can extinguish.

From the golden meadows of Provence to the moonswept beach of East Hampton to the glittering mansions of San Francisco, Alexandra follows her heart to claim her destiny in the arms of the man she loves.

Midnight Lover

They were sworn enemies by day
And passionate lovers by night

The cowboy moved so quickly Caroline didn't have time to think, much less react. One moment he was standing there looking at her across the blazing hot Nevada street, the next moment, she was in his arms.

Her protests were stopped as he bent his head toward her. A complete stranger, a cowboy she'd met just moments ago when she stepped off the dusty stagecoach was actually going to put his mouth on hers and kiss her. Things like this never happened in Boston!

Just before she thought she would certainly swoon from the heat and the breathlessness and the shocking thrill of anticipation, the sound of gunshots pierced the fog she was in and a bullet whizzed past her left ear.

The cowboy swooped her up into his arms then dropped to the ground and rolled with her under the stagecoach. Her heavy skirts rode up over her thighs and she struggled to pull them down before he got a glimpse of her lacy pantalettes but it was no use. He had her pinned with his body and the way they fit together was shameful. His chest was pressed so close to her that she was certain he could feel the outline of her breasts through her blue dress. His hipbones jutted against the slight soft curve of her stomach and she dared not imagine the cause of the powerful heat pressing against her belly.

He took full advantage of the situation and positioned himself between her legs and she hated herself for noticing just how handsome he really was. She'd never felt more vulnerable—or more alive—in her entire life.

"You needn't look so pleased," she hissed as another round of gunfire ricocheted off the stagecoach above them. "I don't know how any decent person can live in such a terrible, lawless place like—" She fumbled for words as he brought his mouth closer to hers.

"Welcome to Silver Spur," Jesse Reardon said.

And then he kissed her.

4 Stars from Romantic Times – "This spunky, highly entertaining tale sparkles with rapid-fire repartee, colorful anecdotes, and humor. Barbara Bretton demonstrates a gift for giving readers an unforgettable one-night read that’s guaranteed to lift their spirits and warm their hearts. . . The story has a unique plot, and the light, humorous touches and well-drawn characters will delight romance readers."

Gold 5 from Barbra Critiques Ltd. – "A thoroughly enjoyable, boisterous tale of romance amidst a rough and tough mining town. Ms. Bretton is at her best with this latest offering


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