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Mr. Arsene Le Blanc, RM1 Miss Helen Kraft
Navy #103, Bks 36-Lower 116 Crystal Beach Avenue
C/o Fleet Post Office North Shore, Crystal Lake
New York Illinois

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DATE: 10 JULY '49
BYLINE: U.S.C.G.C. SPENCER, WPG 36 (letterhead)
POSTED: JUL 13 1949

Hello Hon,

    Here I am again for another visit. It's about seven in the evening now and sort of chilly out. It's very foggy out and we are only going about 10 knots. Another cutter was rammed about 4 months ago in a fog bank so the C.O. is proceeding with caution. We are on the Grand Banks off of Nova Scotia now and will arrive Arg. Tomorrow sometime. It seems quite strange to go to bed and be practically rocked to sleep as it has been quite some time since I was at sea last. It really does seem very strange to be out at sea again, everything seems so mysterious and eerie in this fog. I'd better be quiet I sound sort of morbid don't I?

    Well tomorrow I start a new life again, just start from scratch all over again, it seems so useless, never an end, just repetition. Just a few more months though and it will be over forever. I look forward to the two of us beginning together so much. I've never known such a complete peace of mind or so much happiness in my life until I met you Helen. Believe me, it's one like yourself that I've been hoping to meet all these years and when I think how close I came to not ever knowing it, it frightens me. Don't think that I am infantile to believe in my own mind that if I had never met you I would never had known happiness because naturally you and I would have found someone eventually. But now that I do have you it could never be anyone but you. I hope I am conveying to you a little of what you really mean to me. Perhaps I frighten you by such serious talk, well it will be much easier to write to you after I receive your first letter. I am a little tight inside and sort of afraid to express my sentiments completely as yet. It will be much easier as I stated before after I do receive your first letter. Do I make sense to you? Will say nite for now and see you tomorrow. I love you darling.



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