Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: 12 JULY '49
POSTED: JUL 13 1949

Hello Honey,

    Excuse the paper but it is all I could get in ship's service. It is not too big of an establishment and not quite as elaborate as Glenview.

    Well I'm here at last anyway and as I must be stationed here I'm glad the trip is over. We are around four hours flight from Boston and the 72's I hoped were possible do not exist. They were discontinued a while back. I can put in for leave though when I wish so you select a time around six months from now and then when I have a specific date to work on I can let you know more definitely as to whether I can make it and let you know.

    Also hon, it doesn't look too favorable on your coming up here immediately (in Dec.). First of all I cannot apply for housing until I am married and then when I do I don't know how long one has to wait before space is available. I'll be able to be more specific a little later on when I learn a little more about the place.

    From what I've learned so far, no civilians are employed here either, just Newfoundlanders I believe it's sort of an agreement between the U.S. and Canadian gvts. There are plenty of civies here though and also a lot of dependents. Of course, after we take definitive steps then I can take more definitive steps here, see? But this is a few months away so I'll know more about it then.

    Now a little about this place itself. It really is quite a lovely place. Beautiful harbors, lakes, forests and semi-mountains. I understand it's wonderful fishing here and plenty moose and caribou. During season one can check out a rifle from the armory and go on a party hunting. The climate is nice at the moment, just pleasantly cool, it's in the winter it gets miserable, windy but not too much snow. St. John's is about 90 miles from here -- two hours or so in a taxi but a good majority of the fellows never go in anyway. Also one can really save money here which I am going to take full advantage of. Payday is on the 5th and 20th as in Gview. Mail leaves twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays. When you go on leave, you fly in with the mail plane so that makes it convenient to get back.

    This is quite a bit later, I have to go on watch in about 45 minutes so I'll be closing pretty quick. I want to finish this so I can get the letter off in the morning.

    Oh honey, I miss you so terribly much it's almost unbearable. I can hardly wait for six months to pass. I am pretty sure that I can get Xmas and N. Year's off, approximately two weeks off is that favorable with you? Helen, now that I have left and you have had time to think things over, are you regretful at all of any of our decisions? Is everything still the same, our plans and so forth? They are with myself, most definitely!

    So far U haven't received any mail from you but I am hoping for some tonite. Please write often and I will try and write each day.

    I'll close for now and see you tomorrow darling. I love you with all my heart.



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