Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 14 1949

'Lo Miss "Goose Pimples,"

    I realize I've written once today but just received four (4) letters from you so I just had to write and get this letter off if possible on the morning plane. OK darling, you've no conception of how wonderful it made me feel to receive some mail from you. My feelings have been so low, I've been literally morbid, that's how terrible my morale has been. It's been such a lift to have something in my possession that I know was in your hands just a short time ago and the letters are just wonderful, just as they should be -- as if they could be otherwise.

    Oh, before I forget, that's how much I even think of it, you just forget about what's been worrying you concerning the last nite and the ride to the airport, don't give it another thought, Please! If anything, it was selfish of me to even ask, but let's just dismiss the subject, it doesn't bother me in the least, I'd forgotten it completely until you bought it to my attention -- No more!

    As for being together after six months, don't worry a bit about it, we can arrange something to our mutual satisfaction. It's not a question of you not being able to come up here with me, you can but until I have something pleasant for you I just couldn't consider it. But after I am here some time I'll get something arranged. And it is quite a nice place here now, the winters, as I said before are miserable, but nothing extreme. Much fog is present then though and especially spring and fall occurring from the cold Labradoe current bypassing on either side of the island and coming in contact with the warm gulf stream. Plenty of Navy families here too, don't worry we will get something good yet.

    It's so much easier to write now that I've received some mail from you, I imagine you understand how I feel. I'm so much relieved too, it was just about unbearable, that mail was just what I needed, poor compensation is exchange for you but at the moment it's got to suffice.

    One day darling and not in the far future we will be together and for always, never again this agony of waiting for one another and any separations will be brief and never exceed a matters of a few hours at that. Helen, I will always love you, nothing can ever change this what I feel for you. I have seen quite a bit in my life and many women but it's you forever. I would sacrifice anything for you only it wouldn't be a sacrifice if it were for you. This Navy is just a horrible nightmare for me now. All I can say at the moment is that one day soon we will have our full and complete happiness. I can't and won't ever lose you, everything I say, do or think is you, you and you. You have made my life complete, all this bitterness and cynism in me is just melting away. You know after my first few letters and that tightness I said sort of existed is gone now. I imagine you can see it in my letters now especially this one. Everything just seems to flow from my heart. I guess that is why I just couldn't write before, it just wasn't there, I mean as far as real interest, etc. because if it were I could have written. I'm just not given to writing a lot of dribble as so many of the fellows do just to receive mail, well I know that you know this.

    I know that this is really "it" this time, I know I've thought so before as you probably have too, but when it's really "it" you just know and absolutely no question whatsoever and it is exactly this way with myself as I know it is with you. When everything is for the other and no thought of yourself, well you're enmeshed!

    Oh darling I love you so terribly much it just increases day by day, I can't see how it's possible but it just is. This wait is good for us though, it will make us appreciate one another just that much more when we are together and for good. Gee hon, guess I really sound mushy in this letter don't I? We'll I've just got to pour it out to you, guess I would sound a little foolish to the fellows pouring it out to them, not that I haven't though, I just can't keep it penned up inside me though. Sort of funny though, each of the fellows I know have seem to think they have the most wonderful girl in the world. How silly though, when I know beyond all doubt that I have! The foools!!

    Darling, I'll close for tonite, I love you and always will all my life. Say hello to all and express my utmost gratification for all they have done. This is from the depths of my heart, believe me. I love you, nite hon.



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