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Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 17 1949

Evening darling,

    Just received three letters from you and I'm so happy now, it helps so much. It's not quite midnite in a few more minutes though. I have the 12 to 7 tonite so it's also a good time to write to one I love. We aren't too busy on this particular watch especially on the weekends.

    We have some music on coming from Halifax good music too, all the current popular music and a few oldies inserted here and there.

    I just had a sandwich and two cups of coffee first one milk and sugar second one black. Probably have several more before the nite is over.

    Didn't do too much today just moped around gabbed a little and played a little pinochle. Well slowly but surely the days are passing by one by one. We are both right in agreeing that this period of waiting is best for us, I guess it is. But regardless of the time involved Helen, I love you and know I always will. I've been alone I guess all of my life and never have realized it until our paths of life crossed. I just couldn't feel this way that I feel for you for any other girl which explains in itself that I love you. I've just never had complete trust and faith in a girl in my life before as I have in you. I'm so grateful to providence that I have been fortunate to meet someone such as you. I realize I do put you on a pedestal but to me you are a gem among women. And the only reason you appear to me in such a manner is because you have given me first reason to believe such by your actions and speech. Gee baby, perhaps I'm a little too mushy in my letters, it's just the way I feel though and I just have to keep expressing my affection for you, mind? Guess you know you have an affectionate Frenchman on your hands and incidentally it will be this way all of our lives so just make preparations darling.

    I think so often of when I am out and we start our lives anew together completely, how much of a thrill and a joy to strive for some ultimate end together, it will just be perfect it couldn't be any other way. As the old phrase goes "You don't need a million dollars to be happy," it's true, just a reasonable amount of security and mutual tolerance and of this I'm sure we have our share. We do have common interests likes, dislikes etc. so we have a good start already. We are not the type people to do anything haphazardly or without giving it mutual thought and consent. Oh darling, I have so very much to say to you and I cannot find enough words to express myself. You have no idea how great my love is for you. You are the girl as exact in all respects that could be possible and I am so very thankful that you have chosen me for the one. I'll do my utmost all my life to always justify your making this decision as I know you will for me. Helen I keep wondering if perhaps you think I am a little expressive in my letters. The thing which bothers me a little is that perhaps you may think I am lonesome and just feel like talking, I hope not because you should know I am not one to do this sort of thing if we're not sincere. In fact I couldn't write, I'd have no incentive whatsoever. Sure when I was younger I'd like to write and quack away just to receive mail but not anymore, I am well beyond that stage. Just never stop loving me Helen, I couldn't stand it if I ever lost you, whether you realize it or not young lady you have my heart and soul completely in your hands.

    I think back at when I first saw you and remember how sweet and charming you appeared to me. I was just dying to go out with you but I just couldn't deflate my pride and ego to have you refuse me and also it seemed so much better to think that perhaps you would, rather than an empathic negative to it. Also I felt and now I am sure of it, you aren't the type to be rushed if you were things would appear shallow and cheap to you and this was the definite thing that I never wanted you to feel. So "Mamselle" [sic], don't ever think you were sorta laying a trap for me because I had my diabolical schemes too. So after the first couple of times out with you I started thinking "Frenchy," perhaps this is the one at last. So after the couple weeks at the lake and with you constantly, sharing ideas, finding out dislikes and common likes, discussions, etc. I found out it was it. Also dreading the thought of you ever going out with someone else, leaving you, hungry but couldn't eat, wanting to do everything for you and for you alone and just dying for the chance to touch and caress you and tell you how terribly much I cared for you, these little odd matters convinced me that I was in love at last and completely so. Of course honey you shouldn't let some things prejudice you in getting envious of me such as not being to get a tan without peeling and losing five dollar bets etc. Ahem . . .

    Was just interrupted by one of the fellows, we had a long discussion on women, quite interesting too. Sort of silly though, it appears as though he thinks he has the most wonderful girl in the world. Really idiotic though as I know I have and I love her so very much. Oops, just interrupted again, one of the fellows who is a bartender in the Chief's Club just came on duty and brought a bottle of rum with him so had my first drink since Boston. Guess I've consumed nearly a pot of "Joe" or so for this evening or rather this morning.

    Tuned in on N.Y.C. now and just heard Eestien [???] sing "Crying" not bad first time I heard it.

    Gosh, guess I sorta drifted away from the subject I'm still thinking of our first few days together. The nite you spent at Bob's and where we had dinner. It was all so perfect, just the two of us. Also the first weekend at the lake and our boat excursion, you know hon, you have such exquisite feet! In fact I even love your goose pimples! I think that's just adorable just as you are through and through. Guess you know lil' girl I'm in love with you, don't you? You said in one of your letters you would never want to do anything to ever make us separate, well hon to be truthful you could walk all over me and I'd just take it. It's something I've said time and time again that I couldn't take anything wrong from a woman, but it's before I ever experienced such deep devotion for a woman and actually I've never known what I was talking about. Enmeshed aren't I?

    Golly Moses, I'm just burning through the pages aren't I? Hope this letter meets your satisfaction. Let me know hon if I am being excessively expressive. I hope I'm not as I cannot be demonstrative in action at the moment so it's the best I can do and I have to express myself somehow or I'll burn up.

    Well Mrs. Le Blanc, you will receive my first paycheck this coming Saturday. We get paid on Wednesday so I'll mail the money order to you then, the plane leaves Thursday morning, the mail is sent on Turs. Aft. In the states so around Sat. you should receive the letter. So it's all for the best after all, the waiting period and a chance for us to be prepared financially for when I am out for good.

    Guess I'll type out a couple of letters tonite to Jean and J.J. welsh too. Gotta make a couple of wisecracks. As for our comparing tans, I'll probably look like a ghost when you see me. And do the fellows give me a razzing about it too. They just give me that knowing smile and comment it will wash off. At the moment I'm an oddity -- you know a freak something to look at and wonder. When I take a shower, guys I don't even know just smile and comment, "Oh, stateside, eh?"

    Has Jean or anyone asked any questions concerning your mysterious conduct? Also how is my wager coming along, look favorable for me -- as if I have to ask? Hmm . . .?

    I suppose Topper has left by now hasn't he? He is really a wonderful guy, one of the nicest I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. The girl who marries him will never fully appreciate how fortunate she is in my estimation.

    I'll say g-nite again darling and tell you that I love you and will forever. Be careful and take care of yourself. Say hello to all for me and give them my warmest regards.


    I realize my letter is a little short but will try to make my next longer. I love you darling -- forever.


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