Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 14 1949

Hello darling,

    I didn't write to you yesterday so I'm going to make this a long letter, mind? It's quite an usually long day compared to the others I've spent here. It's very foggy out, can't see over a couple hundred yards. I understand it's quite a common event around here. In fact it's starting to lift now, the sun will most likely disperse it in a hour or so.

    Talk about amusing incidents, listen to this! Yesterday I decided to do a little fishing so a couple of my buddies and myself go down to the dock. All we do is throw the line over the side without any bait, mind you no bait and the fish bite like mad on just the bare hook! Well, we caught around 30 or better cod averaging 10 to 12 inches, sort of ironic isn't it? Ha Ha. I was hoping to be able to hook a couple of mackerel but no luck, perhaps another day. When I was dragging the fish in one after the other I was laughing to myself and thinking wait until I write and tell Helen of this.

    This is quite the place hon, not that I like it here by any means, I hate it. If you like to drink, the best "Canadian Club", "V.O." etc. is only 25 cents a shot and you can get it for two dollars a fifth. It doesn't interest me in the least though I have better things to do than get drunk. In fact I haven't had a drink since I left Boston and then it was only a few glasses of beer.

    I checked on my sub-school honey, and I cannot request school there until I have been abroad this station six months so I may as well forget about this for a while.

    There is absolutely nothing to do here except fish and think. The way I work is 1 1/2 days on and then a little over two days off. These two days are sure heck too trying to find something to do. Well I'll get a little more settled in a week or two and then set up some plan to keep occupied and then my time will pass faster.

    If you have a chance to get Topper's address hon please send it to me and I'll drop him a line. I'll drop Pate and the fellows a line today too and perhaps Jean too. Hope "Punk" decided to stay in school, say hello for me O.K.? And of course to the rest of the family too, especially Helen as I love her and never want her to have any doubts of that so I'll just keep reminding her of the fact.

    I miss you so terribly much darling, I've read your letters over so many times they are practically worn out. I just glow all over every time I read them gee, I sort of sound like I'm in love don't I?

    It's two and one half hours later where I am and I often calculate what time it is back there and I guess what you are doing or wonder. It seems as though you are on my mind constantly hon, well you are and that's as it should be. Oh, I can hardly wait until I see you, I wonder what I'm going to do, well "M'aam", just do the conventional sorta things people do during moments such as that.

    One happy though is that when I finally do come home on leave it won't take me very long to get there. Three or four hours flight to Boston and then a leap to Chicago. I'm grateful it's not one of these month long trips to the East Coast from China.

    It's about 11:15 a.m. now and I wonder what you're doing now, shopping, cleaning house, or sitting down thinking as I am or perhaps talking to Mom. "Punk" is home too, maybe she is swimming or perhaps you are all having dinner now.

    How anyone can stay in the Navy when they are married is beyond me. It's enough to drive one insane, this separation is almost unbearable. Well the days slip by and the next thing you realize it's all over. Oh darling when this is finally over I'll never leave you again, I couldn't, I couldn't stand this again. I realize it's just as hard for you too though.

    I'll close for now darling and write a little later, I love you my darling and always will.



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