Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

BYLINE: JULY 17, 1949
POSTED: JUL 18 1949

Evenin' honey,

    A hour ago I uncapped my oen, but Mom came into the bedroom (I'm writing in bed) with a cheese-glass of beer for me and we started to have a heart-to-heart talk, just between mother and daughter. The folks took the baby and all his gear back to Palatine earlier this evening -- sure is quiet now with the little guy gone. I made good use of the time -- washed my hair (I missed your able assistance) pressed some clothes, shined shoes -- all ready for another week of toil.

    Honey, have you ever heard Romberg's "One Alone" sung by Nelson Eddy? I think it's beautiful. The minister's wife in Palatine has a beautiful voice; she is the vocalist at most of the weddings in our church and I'm sure she'd like to sing for ours -- in fact, she'd probably feel hurt if we didn't ask her. 'Course, our song, "This is Always" wouldn't be too appropriate in church, would it? By the way, Punk wants you to put in for emergency leave -- the phonograph still is broken and she trusts only you to repair it!

    Acquired another coat of tan today -- the water was very warm and the wind chilly; one had to stay under to keep warm. Honey, a friend of Punk's has a surfboard and is going to give us lessons -- how I wish she would have known him well enough when you were here so you could have been included in the invitation. Speaking of invitations, we have been asked to accompany Bob and Lil on their next year's fishing excursion to the North Woods if at all possible. I told them to give us a rain check and when your time is free, when you shed that uniform for good, we'd bet them a beer on whom catches the biggest fish. So you see, honey, you're considered part of the Kraft family already. I'm afraid you're not just going to marry me, but my entire family, too. Still want to go through with it? Please say yes!

    Let's settle down and talk seriously, uh? From your letter I am given to understand your leave will start either on Thursday or Sunday because of the schedule of the mail plane, therefore you'd arrive in Chicago either on Friday or Monday morning? As you know a three-day waiting period is in effect in Illinois then we'd have several other things to accomplish before we could say "I do." Because, honey, I want to spend as many days with you as Mr. and Mrs. (you should see me blushing now) before we part for a few months, maybe just a few weeks. Therefore if your leave starts on the 25th of December, you'd be here on the 26th, get the license the 26th or 27th, have three or four days to make last-minute arrangements, buy rings (honey, are you going to wear a ring?) perhaps buy you a suit (by the way, do you have a dark suit, black or blue?), then be married either on the 31st or the 1st of Jan. Taking for granted that you'll have fifteen days, we would have nine days for a honeymoon. Honey, I'd like some ideas for the wedding from you, you know, you're going to be part of it, the most important part for me. I've been thinking about an afternoon candlelight ceremony with a reception from four to six with a light buffet lunch for the guests. Mom has some definite ideas, too, and honey when I thought I wanted to take such a serious step before she wasn't very interested and not too encouraging -- I guess she knows best. I fell the same way, too, all I can think of is you, all day long you're with me, in fact, I can just close my eyes and see you now, I see you at the dinner table; sitting on the inner tube but on the lake, opening the door to central office, sitting at your desk in the comm. office. You know, darling, I think we feel closer to each other because you stayed out here, lived in the same house with me, ate at the same table, shared everyday common occurrences with me. Sorta gave each other a glimpse of our future together -- and, honey, you look so very good to me over my cup of breakfast coffee, even without a shave.

    Honey, it's way after twelve o'clock so will close with

    I love you, Frenchy, more and more each day,

    As ever


    Just 161 days until Xmas.


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