Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 18(?) 1949

Hello darlin!

    Honey, three letters, today -- I know what you mean by that tight feeling. I had it, too, but it's gone disappeared very rapidly.

    The mail arrived at a very inopportune moment. I was beginning to feed Bobbie -- I'm home alone today -- he was crying very ferociously due to hunger -- so between spoonfuls I was able to scan your letters. When I came to the last one, honey, the one I've read at least a dozen times for fear the ink will disappear and I will be left with only a blank sheet of paper. I completely forgot him until he started to cry -- then I just made wild passes at his mouth, hoping to succeed in hitting the strategic point. Honey, I was a sight to behold -- when a piece of paper, with your handwriting on it, can give me "goose-pimples" just reading it. I'm in a state of enmeshment. It's more like a trance -- you didn't, by nay chance, hypnotize me before you left, did you? Perhaps love is a case of hypnosis, a hypnosis, honey, that is going to be forever and ever, a trance that you never want to lose, never want to awake. I love you, Mr. le Blanc, I always will, darling, that I'm sure of -- just as sure that this is "it." And, honey, all the decisions we made, all the plans for our future together are still with me. I have just one regret, however, and that is, why wasn't I sick for the four days we missed; when we could have been together. The days, and also the nights, we spent together, have been the happiest time in my life -- and, darling, our life has only started. Whenever you feel low, honey, and morbid, just think of the future, our plans we made when we were together, and the entire mood disappears. I guess you can call that daydreaming, but, honey, psychologists believe in daydreams if, someday, they materialize, and ours will, honey. I'll do everything I can to make them come true.

    Several hours have passed since I started this letter. The entire family returned, including the fishermen. The fishing was bad although they did bring us a 30" northern pike. Then I made dinner, just a large bowl of chili and a tossed salad.

    Honey, I can't give you a definite answer yet as to when to ask for leave in December -- I'm selfish enough to wan you with me for Christmas and New Year's. Just how many days can you get? Then again, I believe we are detaching a class sometime in December, and with Jean leaving, I guess that makes me the big wheel -- so I guess the big day will have to be during the week of he 20th to the 25th. I'm sure the housing situation will improve in time in Argentia -- I guess we were both expecting that all our plans and hopes would be fulfilled very easily, but life just isn't like that. I know you will do everything you possibly can to hasten the day that we can be together.

    I want to mail this in town tonight and if it to make the last mail collection I will have to close.

    Good-night, honey,

    All my love,


    Honey I just have to show you how it looks on paper

    Helen Le Blanc


    Mrs. Arsene Le Blanc

    Like it? I sure do!!


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