Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 20 1949

Evening darling,

    Two letters from you today, honey -- I'm just glowing! Your letters are perfect, just like I want them to be and not the least bit too mushy or expressive -- they do wonders for my morale. I read and re-read them -- forget to eat dinner even skip the dishes.

    I know I have an affectionate Frenchman, and he's just the way I want him to be -- never want to change even a trifle 'cause I love him just the way he is. You know, honey, a woman never tires of being loved, and I'm no exception to the rule. You'll never hear me call "uncle"! By the way, do you still have that little groove just between your chin and neck -- the little spot that fascinates me so well, honey. Consider yourself kissed at this moment -- I just hopped across the ocean, mentally, and accomplished the task.

    Do you think we have temperamental fish in C.L.? Perhaps we should try a bare hook -- you know, fish may be just like people and enjoy a bit of variety, too. Were you able to eat the cod? I like it fried in deep fat and rolled in breadcrumbs.

    Yes, honey, drop pate a line. I saw him in the parking lot yesterday and stopped to chat for a few minutes. Naturally he asked about you and said you're quite a buddy -- not one word from you, not even a phone call. Of course, I explained to him that time just flew and before we realized it we were saying "good-bye" -- I know he understood. Forget to inquire about Ding -- will lock into the situation for you. Will try and secure Topper's address for you -- I'm sure Welsh must have it. I agree with you, honey, from what I saw of Topper and the few words exchanged between us, he's tops, quiet and sensible. He's got a mighty loveable buddy by the name of Arsene Le Blanc, know him, honey?

    Golly, honey, just thinking about you coming home causes chills up and down my back -- I even detect a few you know what breaking out on my legs. Naturally, you throw inhabitants to the wind and show your emotions in public on such an occasion. I'll be prancing up and down the ramp like an expectant father by the door of the maternity ward -- I'll be there hours before plane arrival waiting for you. Frenchy, will you do me a great big favor? Please erase that little piece of doubt in your mind that I will ever stop loving you; that I will ever forget you; that I will ever leave you. Because darlin' I never will! I know you'll never give me cause to change my feelings for you and I'll try constantly, 24 hours a day, to retain your love and trust in me. I'll make mistakes, honey, so will you, after all, we're only human, but if our love is strong enough, our faith and trust in each other great enough, we'll weather the storm -- I know we will. After all, honey, life gets pretty monotonous if it continues on a calm, even path -- there isn't a couple existing today that doesn't have their small disagreements -- and they profit by their mistakes. Besides, honey, it's so much fun making up -- I guess that remark sounds like one passed by an adolescent. I meant it in a very light, joking manner, believe me! It's just plain common sense to say we won't agree on all things, but if the situation is peacefully discussed and the pros and cons heard and understood by the both of us, a conclusion approached by both if us can be reached. You agree?

    Those itchin' feet, that desire for far away places is rapidly disappearing and it is all due to you. I was looking for something, honey, something that would give me that peace of mind, that contented warm feeling inside -- it all adds up to the fact that I was mighty lonesome, too, but wouldn't admit it. I'm very happy now, darling, you're the cause of this change in me. Here we were both setting a trap for each other, and when the trap was sprung we were both caught, or shall we say "enmeshed." Needless to say, I'm glad, so very, very glad.

    Time to say good-night, honey -- you're 2 1/2 hours ahead of us here I imagine, unless you have the watch, you're sound asleep -- it's after twelve here. Love you, honey -- did you know that?



    Didn't write last night -- dad escorted me to the movie -- saw "Stratton Story"

    NOTE: Also included with letter, cut up article from local Crystal Lake newspaper of older gentleman holding fish. Caption reads: "One of this season's biggest catches at the lake is this seven pound wall eyed pike landed by Dr. Harvey M. Koch of this city. Park superintendent Fred B. Morgan reports that fishing has been exceptional this past week with some of the best hauls being perch. Blue gills and bass have also been biting good." Helen headlines the photo with a handwritten note: "Honey -- is this the one you threw back?"


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