Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 21 1949

Evening Darling,

    Just about ten P.M. Sunday evening new and I'm up in the office. All the work is completed and it's pretty quiet. A couple of the guys are reading, a couple writing letters and the other just walking around wondering what to do.

    A while ago I was gabbing with a fellow up in Greenland on the teletype. It's about 500 miles from here. Of course our teletype is radio teletype. It appears on radio beam instead of cable as the conventional gear. It sure is beautiful gear. One of the fellows who was in CIC at the time is stationed up there so I was asking about him. He is due to arrive there in a couple of days. That God I'm not stationed there, that really is a dump. Well they say there is always which is worse than the place you're at and I guess it's true.

    My darn gear still hasn't arrived here yet, sure wish it would get here.

    I have the right to fire tomorrow and them I'm off for two and a half days. Guess I will do a little fishing to keep myself occupied.

    Bet it is beautiful there tonite. How I wish I could be there with you my darling. The lake should be beautiful. Just ran out of ink, this is much prettier though isn't it? Peacock blue I believe. Almost sounds like some perfume, hmmm? How I long for the moment when once again we can sit and look across the lake and gaze at the moon.

    A little earlier this evening I cut a tape on the teletype on press reports from the U.S. -- United Press and then sent it to Groudal, Greenland. Gotta give the boys up there a little news. After all, any thing for the boys in the service. The report consisted of nearly 4000 words, took me quite some time to cut it.

    You'll have to excuse my spelling at times and my handwriting but I think it is improving with each letter don't you. Practice you know. Tonite the fellows brought down a phonograph and I just heard the song "We'll Be Together Again." It's not bad. I especially like the lyrics don't you?

    The more I see the color of this ink the more I like it. Very pleasing to the eye is it not?

    I'll go to bed tonite around midnite and sleep until seven in the morning. You know every nite I go to sleep or rather just before I go to sleep, I just lie there with my eyes closed and think of you. It's not just once in a while but each and every nite. It's so pleasant, I suppose you do the same thing too don't you?

    I'm going to try and get a bartender's job in the club. You work a couple of nites a week and receive $30 a month, it's sort of difficult to get it as quite a few want the job and besides I have no experience, not on that side of the bar anyway. I believe I told you about this last nite anyway. It would help occupy my time anyway and be a little more that I could save too. Will let you know if I have any luck landing the job, it may take me a while to get the job though.

    I miss the family and chattering with mom as well as I miss you Hon. Wish I could for a little chat, not too long just forever, mind?

    Goodnite again my dearest, take good care of yourself for me darling, bye for now, I love you -- forever.



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