Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 21 1949

Hello Hon,

    Well another day has slipped by, one by one they dissolve away. One of these days I will be coming home and then before you know it, it will be for good. I just wish it were all over, gee it sorta seems as though a war was on in some respects doesn't it? Just waiting for it to be all over but in this case it's just a matter of waiting for time to pass. Well it's not a case of ever wondering, "Will I ever return?" Gee, what a morbid thought.

    Well "Miss Goose-Pimples," are you happy and glad for the sudden turn of events in the past few months? It seems so strange when I do think of it though, all my future was next to Chicago and yet I am there two years and then "Bingo"! Just think all those months before I ever met you, so much alike and yet all the time elapsing before the eventual meeting. Well it happened and I'm so glad. You know young lady I've fallen in love with you, yep -- enmeshed! So don't try and slip away, I've stated many times that I would never chase a woman, in fact I've even told you so, which proves it itself that I never was in love. And now, well I'd do anything just to never lose you, but why talk like this we will never separate so there "Ma'am"! (NOTE: Arsene has a tendency to spell the word Mam.)

    Still have to grin like an idiot when I think of catching all those fish on an empty hook. Wait until I write and tell you about the ones two and three feet long. In fact I'll even have my picture taken with them. Of course you'll not notice my tan as I won't have any trunks on, ahem! O.K., O.K. no more comment on my part! Hmmm…

    Wonder what you are doing this exact minute? Wish I could sneak up and kiss you on the neck -- just to see if ---??

    This darn mail, wish it were a little faster in arriving here. It is so much of a lift when I receive some mail from you. I just float along in the clouds. Can't be that I read them more than a dozen times over. Each time is just as exquisite as the predecessor though. You know Miss, I think your letters are just perfect in all respects just as you are yourself, and I have never been more sincere about anything in my life. Bet you have an inkling that someone is in love with you, any suspicions as to whom it may be? Well how did you guess it was me?

    Gee, I haven't written to Pate or any of the fellows yet, tonite for sure. I did write to Jean though. It will go out next Thursday with this mail. Hope she shows it to you. I did make a couple of subtle remarks about you so that's why I hope she shows the letter to you, though I don't see why she shouldn't. I'm wondering as to whether you can hold a straight face or not when you read it. Would like very much to peek around the corner and watch the expressions on both your faces.

    Darling, will say bye for now and see a little later. I love you and will forever.

    Forever yours,



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