Barbara Bretton

Love Letters


Evening honey,


    I've been called back to active duty; the manager of the local cinema discovered he was without the services of a cashier for tonight and tomorrow so called me to lend a helping hand. Very glad to accommodate him -- means an extra ten dollars tomorrow night in my purse. The feature for this evening is "The Accused" with Loretta Young. I didn't think I'd be too busy but I was fooled. It's very warm and sticky outdoors, and to escape the weather most of C.L. came to the show. Here I was hoping to answer several letters from the girls in N.O. Naturally you come first, always.

    I didn't write last night, honey! Remember the remarks passed by Punk concerning her grey dress that I have been making for several months? She's going to the Railroad Fair Sunday with a not too tall date, and wants to wear the dress with her loafers. So stayed up until almost one o'clock putting the finishing touches to it. Ossie is on leave so we have been taking it easy.

    Poor mama! She's having quite a time of it! To prevent getting sick in the morning, she has to have breakfast in bed and this means Joe is up at 6:00 o'clock when he doesn't have to be at the office until 8:30 -- he prepares the breakfast. Then all day long she sits and eats potato chips -- has a craving for them continually. I just sit and smirk but she says he who laughs last laughs best!

    Honey, got Topper's address from little J.J. for you -- enclosing it for your information. I was told something today very hard for me to believe! You remember Margaret, the captain's new secretary -- she's 33 years old! I hope I'm that well preserved at that age -- her complexion is flawless. She's making quite a hit with all the little fellows in personnel -- is referred to as Sister Margaret. Honey, you were missed by the entire family yesterday! Mom joined us for the ride to Palatine yesterday -- and being short of time just stacked the dishes in the sink. As we passed the last curve on the "boulevard" she remarked, "I hope Frenchy did the dishes.. (You know you did them the last time she left them.) I assured her you had because you just think of doing nice deeds like that, very kind, considerate and that's why I love you so. Golly, honey, I miss you so very much -- somehow I just don't know how I'm gonna last until Xmas. Every night I say to myself, well, one more day is good and Frenchy's arrival is just a little bit closer. Then I re-read your letters, gaze at your pictures and secretly wish tomorrow were Christmas.

    Darlin', I've been thinking of trading in my old Royal portable for a new portable. We'll need it later, honey, when you go to school and if I can buy some of the luxuries now, really a necessity when doing themes and term papers, we'll be just that much farther ahead. Do you think you could use a portable? I'm sure I can get one with all the necessary accessories, such as tabulator key, margin release. I'll look at them Saturday and see what kind of a trade-in allowance I can get; in the meantime give me your advice.

    Forgot to mention that I went swimming with Mrs. Wright in the pool Tuesday -- Punk is taking the later train and instead of sitting in the shop, took a dip. Going to make it a habit -- the pool is very nice and so refreshing after sitting and working for wight hours in the office.

    Almost ready to close the box office and type my report.

    Good-night, honey

    Love you very, very much



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