Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 23 1949

Hello Again my Sweet,

    It's just a little later since my last letter but I've completed all the work which I had to do so I wanted to write again here I am.

    I got all of your letters and reread them all over again, they are wonderful! Then I got my suitcase out and unlocked it and studied our picture again -- literally! Gee, you look so wonderful, so soft and sweet I want to reach out and touch you. I just worship you so much darling. You ate the sweetest, most considerate wonderful girl I have ever known. I really mean this darling, I'm not just feeling sentimental and blue, it's another one of the multiple reasons I've fallen in love with you. Young lady, you are to me the most perfect woman in the world in all respects, as far as I'm concerned no one is comparable to you and I doubt with all my heart that I'll ever feel otherwise.

    Oh, I do feel grand now, just went out got two letters, scooted right back to my "rack" read them twice and gonna hurry and finish the letter before lights out so I can get it in the mail for last call and off by morning.

    First of all, twelve days leave are granted at Xmas but I'll have 24 on the books and as I am getting married I hope and believe I can get it all at once. If affirmative, I believe I can get the plane on the 22nd of December, which should put me in Boston in the afternoon of the 22nd and then just commuting time from there to Chi, so I should be able to make Xmas and NY's and then some. Three weeks will be perfect don't you think? Well I'm pretty sure I can get it. We'll know for sire a little later.

    No, I don't feel I have a suit which would be appropriate for the occasion but that is a matter which can easily be remedied. Also I have the feeling you'd like for me to wear a ring, if so I will. I'd like to and want it so. And I can see you'd like for the minister's wife to sing at the wedding, do you think the song "Because" would be appropriate? If not, dismiss the popular version and listen to the classical arrangement of it. I don't remember the orchestra or the vocalist but it is very beautiful. The version I'm thinking of is by a male vocalist. I'm curious as to your opinion??? But you are a woman, and women know about such matters, so use your own discretion and anything you wish is completely to my satisfaction and this includes everything. I realize you have Mom to help you and make decisions and naturally it will be a great help to you, but one thing I insist on is that everything be to you own approval and satisfaction as it is our wedding and it should be as you and I wish, am I not right?

    I wish so much that I could be with you to help you make any necessary decisions but I know you are much more capable of doing this than myself. I have the utmost confidence in you and whatever you decide is just perfect with myself. I realize you have a lot to do, I guess the female side of a marriage has more to do than the male, we are fortunate there. All I know is that you are the most important part of the whole thing to me and that you are mine then, completely and forever. Go ahead, wonder if I'm blushing or not. No, you're wrong, I'm not, so there!

    I must put you in a difficult position by not being able to give you positive answers to dates etc. but from what I've told you so far I think we can make our plans accordingly. I am pretty sure it can be as I stated. I'll speak to the personnel officer Mon. and try and confirm I've said and will let you know next letter.

    Now about "Punk's" phonograph, it couldn't possibly be the cord, from what you've said it sounds as though it may be one of the amplifier tubes so I'd suggest you have the tubes checked. Of course it's way plausible it could be something more complex but it may be that, wouldn't be surprised.

    Oh yes, we can take leave every six months so if you are not with me this coming July I can come back on two weeks leave again as July is six months away from Jan. and we will accept Bob's invitation, O.K.?

    Nope, didn't eat the cod gave about 20 to some kids who were hanging around. The rest, well the cot got a couple and I guess there is cod scattered all over Argentia‚Ķ No darn place to cook them, we'll have our day yet.

    Each letter is sweeter than before darling, oh I love you so, I miss you terribly and it's just agony waiting for Dec. It will be here soon and then we have 3 weeks together and a little after that we have forever darling.

    The lights are out now and I am finishing this in the washroom on the ironing board but will say nite again until tomorrow with I love you darling and will forever. (I especially liked it in your letter when you said to dismiss the doubt from my mind that you'd ever leave me, aye, aye, Ma'am, will do -- forever!)

    I love you Helen



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