Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 23 1949

Hello Darling,

    Finally got some stationery in and it didn't last long at that. When I got there it was just all gone. Every so often a ship comes in with supplies and they go pretty fast.

    Well today I went in to a little town outside of the base around six miles. It's called Pleasantic, what a name for such a dump. It was interesting though to look over all the strange surroundings. Not that I'd call an ideal environment though. There is a salt water "gut" which separates the town in two parts. You have to take a little boat to get across from one side to the other. About ten fellows were casting with spoons for salmon, I watched a while but see anyone catch anything. Boy, that water is cold, brr! Also I think 99 percent of the "Newfies" are allergic to water too, phew! Well, to each his own…

    Tonite I receive some mail from you Hon. In a couple of hours I guess. Gee, guess you're going to wonder what happened to me, only one letter. Well this past couple of days I've been on watch and while not on watch I've been sleeping. Tomorrow I'm off again so will write a couple of letters. Next Wed. or Thurs. you'll receive about five.

    I'm waiting anxiously for tonite's mail as I'll expect some answers from my previous letters, it's about time I received some mail saying you've received past letters. Sorta takes a while to get answers from one another letters.

    It's been quite a day out, pretty nice, I imagine the tem. shot up to 50 or 60. Bet it's warm as can be back there. Wish we were on a picnic together somewhere. In fact I'd even be happy to be in a stone quarry with you. Alone of course! Mind Miss, trust me? I love you so terribly much darling, I'd give anything just to hold you in my arms. Nothing I'd like to do more this evening than to wash your hair for you. Well I will again some day pretty soon and often too! We have a full life before us and many moments of happiness, it will always be this way I know.

    Don't know what I'll do this evening for sure, wash my blues or go to the movies, probably the former. Then I'll write an answer to your letters of today and then to bed.

    By the way hon, let me know in your return mail if you received my money orders alright, so in case of loss of a letter I can put in for reimbursement.

    How's Mom and the rest of the family? Sure do miss you all, but mostly Miss Helen. Probably 'cause I love her so much. You knew that didn't you? Well Miss don't ever forget it as I could never forget you or stop loving you.

    When I get done here I'm going to wash my blues and then look at your pictures and think… You look so sweet and feminine, how I'd love to just bend over and kiss you on the shoulders. Gulp. Yes I know hon, -- quack, quack --

    Well I'll see you a little later darling so till then, I love you -- forever,

    Yours Always



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