Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 25 1949

Evenin' darling,

    Feeling so refreshed after a dip in the lake -- the water is so warm and clear! We four drove to Aunt Lizzie's farm (she's the friend we took to Mooseheart) for the day -- you should have seen me climbing apple trees and shaking the branches to cause the fruit to fall -- still a tomboy at heart. This evening hiked across the fields to a large dairy farm for the daily quota of milk; I arrived in time to see the milking of the last of the herd -- very interesting. Punk and I were so warm after arriving home so a quick swim was needed.

    Honey, I purchased my bathing suit yesterday. It's a two piece, ??? blue, nylon strapless -- something like the French model, although not that extreme. I was going to buy a conservative one piece model, but mom told me the two-piece gave me more "oomph" 'Nuf said, honey, you'll be receiving some pictures in a few days -- I'm anxiously awaiting your comments. Remind me in December, I'll model it for you. My midriff is very red and tender though -- first time I've exposed it to the sun this year.

    Pam and Corky are here -- very noisy. Pam finally had her haircut -- has bangs now and is she adorable! We're all very proud of her!!

    Golly, hon, did Mom and I have an enjoyable time Saturday -- we did so much shopping were too tired to stop and see a movie -- arrived home at eight, read three letters from my lovable Frenchman (that's you, honey) and went to sleep. By the way, sugah, if you did, and how I wish you could, sneak up and kiss my neck to see if I'd break out with you know what -- well, darn tootin' I would. You have me enmeshed.

    The youngsters walked into my bedroom smoking cigarettes -- using long sticks from the "Tinker Toy" box for them. Gee, they're cute.

    Honey, I selected our silver pattern, pending your approval, naturally. My choice is Joan of Arc, because to me it looks like sterling -- the plainer patterns are usually found in silver-plate. Don't agree with me if your opinion differs -- at times, you'll probably be the one to polish it and then wish we had chosen a plainer pattern. If I receive your OK, I intend to buy a piece every payday. Like I said before, sterling silver can make a hamburger taste like steak -- well, I think it does.

    Do I frighten you with this sudden siege of domesticity? I'm just like any other young girl when she finds the one she wants to share her life with, her thoughts immediately turn to the home she wants to make for her man -- I'm no exception!! I couldn't resist a bright red luncheon set Saturday in Carson -- mind?

    Time for a little sleep, darlin' -- thinking of you, lovin' you, too

    As ever



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