Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: 9:30 - SUNDAY 14 JULY '49
POSTED: JUL 26 1949

Morning Darling,

    Here it is Sunday morning and I am writing to you, I must be in love! I'm lying in my rack at the moment writing to you, pretty comfortable but a little awkward from writing. I was lying here a few minutes ago wondering what to do, decided to doing same just had to write and tell you how much I care less you forget.

    Oh forgot to ans one of your pertinent questions in one of your letters. You stated I was marrying the whole Kraft family not just you and did I still care to go through with it, affirmative, just you try and get out of it! I'm happy that I'm accepted as one of the family. They have such a wonderful daughter by the name of Helen, she is really something out of the ordinary, really and truly as a girl should be and so many others try and portray themselves. Don't know whether you know it or not but she just up and captured my heart and won't give it back not that I want it in the least, I wouldn't accept it under any circumstances. But she need not feel clever as I reciprocated and pulled the same act on her so we're even. In fact I feel we are both immensely pleased at the turn of events, and completely satisfied with the swap.

    It rained today for the first time, it's very miserable out. It's the beginning of the rainy season I guess, fall and spring are the seasons that most of the rain falls, so I've been told anyway.

    I still haven't written to anyone but you, Jean and my aunt in Boston. I wrote my aunt the other day and sent her ten dollars which I borrowed while there. Sometime today I'll write to my folks and let them know of our engagement and forthcoming marriage in Dec. I sure am a lucky fellow hon to have one such as you. I love you darling, just had to tell you. Bet you look wonderful today, you always do though, so sweet and neat in every way. That's another thing I noticed about you right away. You were always immaculate. "Portrait" is beautiful darling and the thought behind it is very sweet, I feel that way towards you too, I'm sure you know that.

    Don't know whether I told you or not but the legend behind Martha's Vineyard is that an old sea captain named 3 islands after his two or three daughters. This is not just romantic fiction either, we have many places to explore together darling and the majority will be strange to myself also. So we have many strange adventures ahead of us which will be just as thrilling to me as to you. Making you happy is sufficient in itself in making me happy.

    Well these days will scoot by and before we realize it -- it's over and we are together for always and no extended separations ever.

    It's around noontime now darling, guess I'll go to dinner now. Wish I had some of mom's gravy, that would be a dessert in itself!

    I love you darling, always



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