Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: 27 JULY 1949
POSTED: JUL 27 1949

Hello Darling,

    Just received two letters from you, it's about nine P.M. and the mail plane just came in and I've been waiting and hoping. Gee, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't receive any mail from you, guess I'd go completely crazy, I mean it too, I'd be frantic. Not that I care about just receiving mail, but receiving it from you is what keeps me going from day to day. See how much you mean to me, you do Helen darling, I just couldn't go on if it weren't for you. I wouldn't care if I were dead or alive, that's just a little bit of how much you mean to me. If I had never known you, guess I'd be content to just drift along without any definite purpose in mind. It's completely changed now including my purpose, plans, basic thinking and such, I live just for you and for the day when we have our life together, always. I love you my darling.

&nsp; &nsp; Are you content and happy staying home and waiting for me darling? I assume you are, I am sure of that, I know you never would, I am sure of that, I know you never would, but never deceive me darling in any respects, I am sure you think and believe I never will you and I never will. I just couldn't go out now with anyone but you, I have no feeling to, I just couldn't. The thought of touching or kissing another now is sickening to me after having you. My roaming and experimenting days are over, I guess when you are really in love you feel this way don't you darling? Another proof that two people are truly in love.

&nsp; &nsp; Gee, I don't want to sound suspicious or such, but just fell like saying what I have. Just want to express how much and how deep my love is for you. Well you saw how terrifically cynical. I was when we first met and the basic causes of it, but now you have changed all of this, got me back to normal thinking and renewed my faith and trust, I'm sure you feel this way about me too darling and I will never destroy this trust and devotion, never!

&nsp; &nsp; Oh, how I wait for our day of liberation, Honey we won't even go near a military establishment, have no contact whatsoever with its functions and such. How I detest it all.

&nsp; &nsp; Well, darling, it's not too much longer and we will be together. As I said in previous letters it's quite a wait until one can procure housing on the base and conditions aren't so good outside of the base. I have been thinking and saw a little of it and if I couldn't get a place on the base I couldn't ask you to come up until I did get a place on the base. From what I hear it's pretty nice aboard. Also I heard today that if one of the fellows is married to a school teacher they can secure immediate housing, this sounds very favorable does it not? I heard this from several sources too. Another thing which was told me too is that the teacher can put in for any overseas base and the husband can accompany her. It's a case of needing teachers so the service is giving extra privileges. If this were true what say we put in for Cuba or Hawaii or something, that would be exquisite. I've neglected to check too close into this s it is a little in the future yet but I will get more info on it tomorrow for sure.

&nsp; &nsp; Everything would be so perfect if we could spend my last year in the service together. Well we will darling, don't worry. It will be a wonderful experience for you and a chance for you to see a little abroad too. I was invited over for dinner earlier this evening to e of the married fellows home in Plesentia. We had quite a discussion and last Sat. when I was in a couple of fellows and their wives were visiting at this particular house and I discussed with the women my plans on getting married and wondered whether to bring you up if I could and they said definitely yes. So by gosh, one way or the other we are going to be together darling. It's getting closer to Xmas too darling, won't be too long now either. Spoke to the Comm-Off today and it's favorable on my getting a long leave Xmas too, so will take 21 to 24 days leave darling so we will have Xmas and N.Y.'s together bar unforeseen events. We will!

&nsp; &nsp; Please write often darling, take care of yourself and be good. I will write a real long letter tomorrow as I am off but it won't be on the morning plane but you'll receive it three days later, I love you -- forever

&nsp; &nsp; Arsene


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