Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 27 1949

Evening, my darling,

    What are you doing this minute? (9:30 P.M.) Honey, it's raining, a very soft, peaceful rain, and I'm lonesome for you. What an evening to don raincoats and take a walk!

    Before I forget -- and I have in my last few letters to you -- will you date you date your letters for me? Sometimes I'm curious as to just when you write them -- I then can think back to what I was doing at that exact time. You can be almost positive that at approximately nine o'clock, our time, I'm writing to you -- just pretend I'm talking to you because, honey, that's just what I'm doing. And I'll confess to another of my innermost secrets, every night just before I go to sleep I whisper to myself "good-night, sweets" to you.

    I'm feeling mighty immoral this evening, having the feeling I'm a "kept" woman! Needless to say, Mr. Le Blanc, Mrs. Le Blanc received your first paycheck today.

    You know, hon, when you ask me if I would save your money for you, sitting at the Wheels a Rollin' pageant at the Railroad Fair, I was speechless and uncomposed for a few seconds. Honestly, I was flattered and deeply touched to think in such a short time you could trust me so completely -- and because of that trust in me, just learned to love you just a little bit more. Other fellows, honey, wouldn't think financial security too important and would let tomorrow take care of itself -- another reason only you so easily and completely enmeshed me. I'm so thankful we both have the same outlook on security, honey; and we both agree you don't need a million dollars for happiness. I know, hon, we'll have enough saved when you're released to start out the way we both earnestly desire, and while you're "Joe College," I'll be working, and that Mr. Le Blanc, I insist on doing. It's only fair, honey, 'cause you'll be "keeping" me around for many a year -- I'll pound lumps on your head if you don't, and that my dear, is a threat I'll carry out, too! I'll start a bank account for you Friday in your name, and just in case you'll ever want me to withdraw some when you're not here I'll make it a joint account. Agreeable?

    I'll send you the necessary papers to sing Friday evening.

    What are you saving dimes for, Frenchy? I'll tell you why I'm saving them. Sometime along in March or April 1951 I'm going to take a long vacation, maybe a cross-country trip to the West Coast, exploring every country lane that looks appealing, swim in every stream or pond I desire and pitch my tent in every national park along the way, but I don't want to go alone. Think you'll be interested? Mighty glad to have you abroad! Golly, honey, do you think it would be possible -- we talked about it constantly, didn't we? You know, hon, we really did "quack" -- covered almost every topic from A to Z. Sure did discover each other, and everything I learned about you, I like, everything!

    Golly, Frenchy, just re-read this letter -- makes me sound money-mad, doesn't it. I'm not, though.

    Twenty-four days leave -- have my fingers crossed, honey. I, too, wish you were here to plan our wedding. True, I have Mom to help me, but I assure you, it isn't the same. Besides, she'd think I was loco if I reached over and kissed her neck in the middle of a conversation, wouldn't she? I'll do my best, honey, and hope it receives your approval. Just pass on some ideas -- you must have a few. I haven't heard the male rendition of "Because" but will in the near future -- and it will be sung at the wedding. Golly, honey, I'll need some moral support -- I'll just hang on to your arm and it will be up to you to drag me up the aisle -- Dad won't have any trouble taking me down -- probably see you standing in front of the altar and come a-runnin'! I won't make definite plans, honey 'till I hear from you -- ok? The small details can be worked out later.

    Almost time to say good-night. Just what are you going to do with your five dollars -- looks mighty black for me!

    Almost forgot, honey, how'd you know I'd like you to wear a ring -- want the entire world to know you're mine.

    Punk sends her love -- mine, too -- love you much,



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