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Love Letters

POSTED: JUL 29 1949

Evenin' sugah,

    Evenin' sugah,

    "Mommy" and I have been talking with a Southern drawl all day, and the "sugah" is just a hang-over; of course, I mean it, incidentally, too. Evenin' sugah,

    I had a wonderful surprise awaiting for me tonight, helped my morale immensely; I was so warm and tired, the temperature is in the high nineties. I received the letter you wrote me Sunday morning -- thank you, darlin'! How's my heart ticking tonight -- yours is very well, honey, don't intend to ever return it either. So there!!! Evenin' sugah,

    Seen the pictures yet? Honey, I need a photographer, just can't seem to take satisfactory pictures without you. No inspiration, I guess. I wanted one showing the narrow straps -- just to put your mind at ease -- but the two I'm sending were the only satisfactory ones. How do you like the suit? Evenin' sugah,

    I believe Marnie's letter is self-explanatory. Don't think you should have any trouble in enrolling. Would you like me to get the necessary forms for you, or am I rushing things? Have plenty of time for such details, later. Maybe we'll have time to check into this situation in December, uh? Evenin' sugah,

    Had some prints made of the negatives and you know what? I've come to the conclusion my future is a good-lookin' guy. Take a peek at your pictures -- the one where you're leaning on the rail and notice the sign just above your head -- "WANTED" -- yes, that's right, honey, wanted by me! Mind? I was showing Jean the snaps in the "head" when Margaret walked in -- and the only polite thing to do was to show her them, too -- besides I wanted to, too. Was quite surprised! You know, Frenchy, we're caused quite a scandal -- we've been in New Mexico, New Orleans, Deadwood City, Florida together -- and I have pictures to prove it. You'll just have to wed me just to save my reputation. Available? Evenin' sugah,

    Tomorrow I'm securing at twelve and going to the races with the folks -- probably end up losing my "shirt," but it's fun. Going to limit myself to eight dollars, eight races, and always split a two dollars bet with Dad. Going to stop at the bank and start your savings account, honey. In the evening the firemen in Palatine are having their annual carnival so we'll make a day of it by eating dinner with Eddie and Ginny and take the youngsters to the festival. Poor gramps, always has to ride the Merry-go-Round, and it's days before his head stops spinning. Evenin' sugah,

    Evenin' sugah,

    Evenin' sugah,

    Going to close for now -- have just loads of ironing to do! Evenin' sugah,

    Miss you, darling -- love you so very, very much Evenin' sugah,

    Helen Evenin' sugah,

    NOTE: Included with letter is a cut out article headlined, "GI INSURANCE REFUND BLANKS READY AUG. 29" to which Helen added a handwritten note saying, "Clipped this from the paper this evening!" The article explains the government is reimbursing GI's for an 8-year retroactive overpayment of premiums.

Also included with the letter is a typed half page with the following information:

Copied this from Marnie's letter -- guess this will answer all your questions.

As for Frenchy's G.I. Bill, he should make certain as to the exact amount of time. He can do that be writing or visiting the office which has his records, attn. Registration & Research Section and ask for the remaining period of eligibility. Of course, he should give his C-number. Time is figured in terms of months and days. For instance, if you attend school full time for 9 mos. but do not draw subsistence, you lose that subsistence. Flight is usually an excess cost course and uses up eligibility at a faster rate than the actual period in training. He will have to get a supplemental letter of eligibility, as his last one was apparently turned in for flight trng. There is an application form for this, which he should also get from the VA office having his records. That should be done about 6 mos. before he gets ready to start school, to allow the poky outfit plenty of time, in case something gets fouled up. I have no faith in them, I assure you. Since he is transferring from flight, it shouldn't be hard to justify. As the present time he will be required to go through advisement, take the aptitude tests, etc, but by 1951 things will be changed, no doubt. The trng. must be started by July 25, 1951, which he has already done, and must be completed by July 25, 1956. Guess that's the info in a nutshell. He should also submit a certified copy of the public record of wife and kiddies, (she's assuming quite a bit, isn't she) as he will be paid only for the date the VA receives the proof, not from the date of marriage of births.

In a hurry--Punk and Dad are looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to finish so we can start for home. Finish later


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