Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: 27 JULY '49
BYLINE: 10:10 P.M.
POSTED: JUL 30 1949

Morning Darling,

    It is now 12.45 A.M. and I am on the mid-watch, it's very quiet, no traffic or work. I imagine it will stay this way for the rest of the morning. I don't believe I told you before but we have a direct line with Wash., D.C., Greenland several Army circuits, one jump away from the Azores, just about all of this side of the hemisphere. This morning one of the fellows picked up a Russian teletype station. Sort of interesting in a way, but as for myself my complete interest lies in Crystal Lake. A girl by the name of Helen Kraft, know her? I'm gonna change it to Mrs. Le Blanc before too long. Nicest girl in the world, I sure do love her, means everything in the world to me.

    Guess what. I finally did it, knocked a letter off to Pate on the typewriter earlier this morning, the shock will probably be too much for him. Also I am going to drop a line to the folks tonite too and let them know about us.

    Just looked over our pictures again and showed them to the fellows and the Chief. Very favorable comment too, we're just an ideal couple darling, guess we just have to get married, can't break up a perfect match. Guess I had better ask you. I love you hon and I want to marry you, will you, please?

    So Jean received my letter huh? Would like to have watched your faces, especially my substle comments when she knew all along about us.

    I know something which may interest you quite a bit. Get the July issue of "All Hands" in Central Office and look on pages 24 and 47, I'm sure there are two items there of which you will be interested in.

    Yes, I think it is a good thought about the portable. You are just wonderful young lady, you think of everything, you've really spoiled me, I just couldn't get along without you, do you mind hanging around the rest of my life?

    I was wondering why you didn't enclose Topper's address as you said you were. Did you write it at the movie and not have his address with you???

    Honey, do you remember Tripp, the big tall EM1 that used to hang around with Pate quite a bit or P.M. Martin the radarman? Well I ran into them both while in the receiving station Boston. Martin got married about 4 months ago and Tripp just got his license and by now must be married. He was in the process of being discharged and then going back to college for his remaining 4 years -- two years left.

    Gee Helen, how I miss your sweet touch and incomparable personality. I have always thought of meeting one such as you and often wondered if I did if I'd be fortunate to ever be able to claim her as my own. Now my every wish has been fulfilled and I'll never do anything to make you regret any decision whatsoever. I just know we have such a wonderful life together just waiting to commence. It just couldn't be otherwise, we think so perfectly alike. But just as you said yourself, I'm not adolescent enough to believe it will all be milk and honey either, but it will be a wonderful sweet adventure we can share together -- always. Gee, "Ma'am", what have you done to me, making me speak thusly, when I've read of instances such as ours and the way we express ourselves it seemed sort of humorous and yet it all just emanates from me now. Gee, all I can say is gee! Before I leave this page think I'll tell you I love you -- I do and for all my life.

    When I think of all these places of beauty waiting to be explored and enjoyed by us, it creates a feeling of sheer agony because we can't start now. I know hon, patience! Just think, valleys, mountains, lakes, the ocean, oh so many places of beauty. As far as I feel we are the only two people who exist in this whole wide world. Love is such an inspiration in itself isn't it? Do I frighten you darling by being so demonstrative? My only regret is that I didn't make love to you ten times as much when we were together. Our day will come soon! Almost August.

    My darn gear still hasn't arrived, sure wish it would hurry up.

    The more I think of it the more I realize how fortunate we are by this little separation. A chance to confirm our feelings toward one another and especially a chance for us to get prepared financially for our marriage. The lack of finances can be an awful thing. So much marritable [sic] conflict stems directly from that and I feel we have that problem licked now don't you? Perhaps not completely licked but most assuredly a minor problem now.

    I just got a little more info on our back insurance too. I understand the maximum refundable amount will reach around $500 dollars and I believe I'll get a big chunk of that. Sometime around the beginning of the year the refunds will start to be issued. A little boost all of us never expected. Honey, I'm getting to be practically a miser. It's amazing how a woman can completely change a man. But basically though I guess I've always felt this way, but never an incentive before.

    It's 2:30 now Fri. morning, still quiet as can be, gotta a little music drifting in from the states. You are sleeping now I suppose, wish I could tip=toe in and give you a kiss, you know you look so sweet when you are asleep darling. Well the day is coming when I'll see you forever and many the time when I'll see you sleeping like a baby. Are you blushing? Tch! Tch! Do you know it's the most contented feeling in the world to go asleep in your arms. I'm gonna practice a lot on that too pretty soon. 'Course I'm not gonna sleep all the time either. Ahem, 'scuse me "Ma'am", didn't mean to embarrass you!

    Going to close for another day darling, be good and be careful and take care of yourself for me, I don't want anything to ever happen to you, g-nite my sweet.

    Yours always



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