Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: JULY 30, 1949
POSTED: JUL 30 1949

Hi honey,

    Your letter was so encouraging, honey, just had to sit down and answer it immediately. You know, dear, after reading it at least six times I have come to the conclusion, Mr. Le Blanc, that you're in love, and in love with me. I don't sound conceited, do I? You have my permission to feel the same way because someone is in love with you, too. Me!!

    I started your savings account today --a joint account, although I'll continue to use my checking account for my savings. Like I wrote before, just in case you need money and you're not here I can withdraw it for you. So, just sign the card where it is marked X -- it's not necessary to give any more information -- and return it to me. I got "goose-pimples" just seeing our names, side by side in the deposit book. Yep, honey, I'm enmeshed!

    I'm anxiously awaiting more information regarding the teaching situation. You know, I'm just a graduate of a junior college, and only took a few pre-teaching subjects. During the war, the superintendent of schools in Cook County, who was our neighbor, tried to persuade me to attend Normal for six weeks and take several teaching instruction subjects and qualify for positions in rural schools. But at the time I was employed in the experimental kitchen and just couldn't see a change. But I'll look into the situation now, perhaps contact the Board of Education or the Chicago Teacher's College in Chicago and go to night school this fall and complete the pre-requisite courses for teaching. I don't believe the requirements for teaching in school at overseas bases are as strict as they are in the states. I know, dear, we'll be able to be together soon. I'll do anything to hasten the day -- gosh, honey, I miss you so very much.

    And now, honey, for the wedding! The situation has changed somewhat since I first wrote to you, setting the date for the 1st of January. Jean sure pulled a "stinker"; as long as I knew she was there to do the work my leave would have been granted. Now, she says I'm the "big wheel"; that means I type the monthly roster and daily dairy. We're detaching a class the 15th of December and the roster goes out on the 1st -- then another class enrolls on the 6th of January -- so you see I'll be mighty busy. But -- and only time will tell -- if the new girl is efficient and dependable, and if Margaret is willing to help -- I'm sure I could have leave from the 5 Dec to the 28 Dec and still return in time to type the roster. If you have 24 days, honey, beginning the 5 Dec your leave will be up on the 27th and you'll be able to catch the mail plane back. Frenchy, I want you home so very much for Xmas, just having you by my side would make it the best Xmas I could ever have -- I'd never ask for anything else. We could be married either the 10th or 11th of December, have 2 weeks for a honeymoon and spend Xmas with the folks.

    Speaking of honeymoons, honey, any suggestions? With time so short, going any great distance seems foolish, doesn't it? I'm sure my Aunt who has a small apartment in Chicago, with just a gentle hint, would gladly surrender it to us and live with the folks for the duration. We could explore the city, honey, some places I haven't seen either. How about the "Sewer" - I'm curious! Now do you have any suggestions -- you know you'll be with me all the time, too.

    Let's not worry or become discouraged, darling, I'm sure everything will turn out the way we both desire it. We've been very fortunate already -- just finding each other and learning to love each other, makes us the two luckiest kids in the entire universe. You sure were slow, though -- I was throwing you leading lines very freely. In fact, I was beginning to believe you were a "woman hater" -- you kept telling me that very frequently. And yet, I couldn't understand why you always came in the office at lunchtime when you knew darn well I was alone -- so you see, honey, I was on to your game -- knew I'd just have to wait. You know you're getting ribbed, don't you?

    Honey, I'm glad you're going out and having dinner with the boy's families. Makes me feel good to know you have someplace to go in your leisure time. When I get up there, honey, we can return the invitations. Agreeable! Do you like to have company, honey -- I do. I always think you can have fun entertaining at home -- 'course going out is fun, too -- but a nice quiet evening at home, playing cards, listening to records or just talking sorta gives one a comfortable peaceful feeling. Right?

    Almost forgot, Ozzie got his orders Friday. He leaves this month for Norfolk -- and again is under Sutherland's thumb. However, before he leaves he is going to try and get me a CAF-4 rating -- means $300 a year or more for us. Honesty, honey, the nicest things happen to me since I've met you. Your darn tootin' I'm happy about the turn of events last few months. Wish I could show you how happy I am right now.

    Golly, we all lost our shirts at the races -- Dad being the only exception. He'd never tell us how he placed his bets for the coming races, just break out in a silly grin when he won. Eddie sat in bed until 2 A.M. working on a system and then ended up by losing twelve dollars. My losses for the day totaled about ten, including several games of bingo at the carnival. Dad's luck held-over until the evening; won four dollars in the turtles and a bingo game. Gave me the prize and I chose an electric corn popper. Like hot, buttered popcorn? Now I have the popper and a waffle iron!! I forgot the cake holder -- Mom gave it to me. I was forced to ride with Pam on the Ferris wheel -- twice, and the tilt-a-whirl - once - was my head a-spinning. Guess I just couldn't refuse her a thing. Grampa sure has the two spoiled -- I told you he'd ride the merry-go-round and he'd be dizzy for days -- well, he is.

    Excuse me, hon, Mom has my dinner a-waiting -- but she says to tell you she has no gravy tonight.

    In a sewing mood! Have started a dress -- very slinky -- should be finished with it in a few days. Enclosing a sample. Like it? Of course, darling, I'm happy and very contented staying at home and waiting for you. I'll manage to keep busy and occupied -- writing to you fills many of the lonely hours. I, too, have no desire to go out with anyone -- funny, though, if I had to sit home on a Saturday evening just listening to the radio I'd become very irritable and cross -- but you've changed all this. My only Saturday night dates will be with you, hon, and until that is possible, I'll just sit home -- knit, sew, or read. Boy, honey, do you have me enmeshed!

    Guess, sweets, this will be all for tonight. Think I should use two stamps -- surely this will be over-weight. But when I start "talking" to you -- just never want to stop. Guess it's because I love you so.



    This is the longest letter yet!

    NOTE: Enclosed with the letter is a fabric swatch (taffeta-like) with thin red and black stripes.


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