Barbara Bretton

Love Letters

DATE: 30 JULY '49
BYLINE: 10:10 P.M.
POSTED: JUL 30 1949

Hi Darling,

    Oh Boy, I just received the most wonder two letters. It's uncanny how each succeeding one is better and better than the predecessor, they are all wonderful and sweet but with each additional one, mm!

    Now don't you believe for one minute that I am a "yes-man" and afraid to voice my opinion because I will, always. The reason I am saying this is because anything you seem to suggest I agree with most emphatically but it is because we think alike and that's what actually started it all. Gee, what a long way to tell you that I like your choice and it's as I would have chosen also. I am referring to the silver, natch! Also your plan of securing it is alrite with me if you wish to do it that way. Say hon, you don't have to bear all the burden of buying whatever you decide we need, if you need any money, don't hesitate to use mine too. And while I am on the subject of money, you don't have to make out the acct. in my name, use your own I don't mind. I realize you have papers on the way to me to sign but as you will receive this letter before the papers return, put it in your own name, actually it's immaterial to me either way. I'll sign them and return them to you but if you decide to dispense with all this additional paperwork just tear them up, o.k.?

    No, of course I don't think you are too money conscious, it's just plain common sense on both our parts. At one time I lived in the "present" too much bust as time progressed and I saw a little more of life on all aspects and troubles which occurred from financial difficulties and so frequently this was ad is a large contributing factor to bad marriages and breakups so the only sensible thing is to avoid this pitfall as much as possible -- always!

    Your whole basic reasoning is ideal and perfect in my heart I could never find one more suitable to me than you Helen, not that I do in the slightest (want to find someone else). You are the one, I really sincerely doubted in my mind that I would and could find anyone I could love enough to marry, that is until I found you my darling. That's why I laugh whenever marriage was mentioned to me or inquiries as to why, not married? Why? No girl? Why? And with all joking aside from anyone, my "love life" has been "nil" as far as any degree of seriousness the past few years. As far as I've been concerned, it was just an acquaintance. But golly, look at me now. It's exquisite, I literally couldn't go on now Helen without you, I would just as rather be dead, I'm not attempting to be dramatic either, I've never been more sincere about anything in my life; believe me darling.

    Don't care to impress you by mentioning it to think I'm sadistic and cruel but -- chuckle, chuckle, I told you so…! $5.00 -- mm. After all "Mamselle," I am Zee Frenchman, I must know! Boy, do I get a kick out of this, am I laughing! You two are as different as day and nite and she is in no way whatsoever comparable to you. When I even think of you ever conducting yourself as she does at times, it makes me feel sick. But you couldn't and never would I'm sure of that. It's not only any of my business though and I shouldn't mention it and it isn't nice of me to run her down, it doesn't put me in a favorable light either. The only reason I do comment on the subject though is because of when I think of your association with her I never want anything to ever spoil you. I should speak like this, after all you're no child! Do realize how tremendously I love you darling. Guess you know I'm enmeshed don't you?

    Speaking of moral support, I'll need a little that myself when the day arrives. We will be the two most frightened people in all of Ill. A glorious fright but still -- gulp. And afterward, the congrats, people making their subtle jokes (quit blusing) and I presume we will sort of want to get away from it all, guess I'd better stop I'm getting myself enmeshed! I don't mind, it will all be beautiful and actually I'll only see you, "For I Only Have Eyes For You"! Very appropriate.

    Oh such would love to see yo all sugah in yoah new swim-suit -- ooo! Most def. I will rewind you this Dec. to model it for me. Sorry baby about your "tummy," kiss it for you if I were there. Will you just keep trying you might catch up with me on you tan. Mind you might!

    You definitely do not frighten me with you siege of domesticity, you just better feel that way young lady and never change, I promise I never will darling. You've got me for life so resign yourself to your fate. I'll do my utmost always to make it as pleasant as can be just as I know you will too.

    We most assuredly are going on a vacation when I am out. We will just roam and enjoy perfect bliss. Every time I think of it, I grow ecstatic with wonderful anticipation. It's so difficult to just have to wait but our day grows nearer all the time darling. We'll see everything, do everything, go everywhere and the most wonderful part of it all, it will be just you and I all above. Does it not sound wonderful? I want you to be so happy darling, I know we both will be couldn’t be otherwise. Oh, if only I were with you now -- that's right, just use your imagination, I am. Tch! Tch! My thoughts are running away with themselves, I had better stop -- now. I still think of you each nite before I fall asleep, wonderful sweet thoughts, I just slip away then so happy and peaceful and I say g-nite sweet to you also and I love you Helen too -- mind? I only say it because it's true!

    I assume you feel as I do about this but now that I am away from you, I inwardly regret and say to myself, "Why in the devil didn't I say more to her, tell more and much oftener of how much I love her." I keep kicking myself for not holding you more often and longer and looking at you much more while I had the opportunity. But only God knows how it could be possible to it more so than I did. It can never be enough as far as I feel.

    Say hello o all for me darling and give all my love and say Hi to Jean and whoever you can, but I'd prefer it if you kept us out of any of the conversations at the base, always. Do you mind?

    I'll say g-nite again and tell you I love you, adore you -- will forever.

    Yours always,


    Nite Mrs. Le Blanc Jr.


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