Barbara Bretton


Playing for Time

With PAX, the password is danger.

Falling in love was easy
Staying alive? That's a whole other story . . .

Ryder is an undercover operative for PAX, a worldwide antiterrorist agency that flies beneath the radar

Joanna is a Hollywood makeup artist whose magic turns fantasy into reality on a daily basis

He's a spy looking to come in from the cold
She's a woman who's never had a real home

Sizzling passion . . . heart-stopping danger . . . the ultimate choice . . .


Audio Book:

Honeymoon Hotel

He's her competition.
She's the love of his life.

Maggie Douglass is a former spy turned innkeeper.
John Adams Tyler is a rocker turned major mogul.

Between them they own 317 bedrooms in the honeymoon paradise called the Pocono Mountains.

So why can't they find a room to call their own?

A Fine Madness

Because it's a dangerous world and heroes are in short supply.

Third in the series of books featuring the PAX anti-terrorist organization, a collection of scholars and outlaws, renegades and geek geniuses, who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep the world safe.

Max Brody owns a down-on-its-luck airstrip in central New Jersey. He has no wife, no kids, no money, and no prospects. If things keep going this way, pretty soon he won't even have a roof over his head. So when his old friend (and PAX legend) Ryder O'Neal shows up one afternoon and asks for five years of his life, Max figures he has nothing to lose.

Kelly Madison has spent most of her life bailing her ne'er-do-well superstar father out of trouble. This time, however, Sean Ryan has unwittingly become involved in a terrorist plot that threatens millions of innocent people.

PAX has waited five years to bring down the terrorists. Max, in his alias as a Brazilian billionaire, must get close to Kelly so she can lead the ultra-secret organization to her missing father, who just may be their last best hope to prevent a global tragedy.

But not even that PAX figured on Max and Kelly falling in love -- or falling deeper into the kind of danger that could bring the world to its knees.

All We Know of Heaven

Their love was forged in fire . . .

He would overwhelm a woman

Flynn knew that loving him and being loved by him would be an all-consuming passion. There would be no room for reason; there would be no halfway measures. He would demand everything from the woman he wanted, heart and soul and body....

“You frighten me,” she said, as the pulsing of her blood matched his.

“I’ll never hurt you.”

She looked at this man whom she had watched reign supreme with nothing but the power in his two fists and she believed him. “I trust you,” she said softly, “and that frightens me even more.”

Later, many people would say they were there when it happened. They would say it was as obvious as lightning across a summer sky and twice as electrifying. But, in truth, it was a small moment—a brief flicker of acknowledgment, of destiny, that left both Flynn and Jack shaken to their cores.

The Bride Came C.O.D.

WIFE WANTED NO ROMANCE NECESSARY APPLY BOX 6757 NOWHERE ALASKA Kiel Brown could no longer allow the meddling townsfolk of Nowhere, Alaska, to try to find him a wife. He'd already seen more than his share of casserole-carrying bachelorettes. But his four-year-old tomboy daughter Kelsey needed a mom. And, as the townsfolk said, Kiel needed a wife to keep him warm through the snowy Alaskan winter. But Kiel never should have allowed his boss to choose his bride--even if the marriage was to be in name only. One look at the stunning Lexi Marsden--with her sleek blond hair and china-blue eyes-and Kiel knew that this marriage-of-convenience was going to be anything but convenient!

Operation: Husband

A Woman With a Purpose
Martina Wilde had once known passion. For one night ten years ago in the impulsive arms of dangerous Trask Benedict. But their white-hot passion turned to ash when he disappeared. That's why when forced by her father to marry or lose her Texas fortune, she chose a safe—and boring—fiancé. For Marty, there was only one man's touch she craved….

A Man With a Mission . . . Trask Benedict was back from the dead. In the past ten years he'd gone from bad boy to wanted man—with the scars to prove it. Danger nipping at his heels, he had nowhere to turn for help, except to Martina's father. But first he had to get past Marty herself—the woman who was now engaged to the wrong man!

Operation: Baby

Samantha Wilde had never seen a man who could make her swoon—until she saw her pilot out of uniform. One look at the guy and she didn't see the storm clouds brewing; by then they'd crash-landed into a romantic, lush field—and she was in his arms. Only after she knew every inch of his body did she learn he was Duncan Stewart, the man she'd sought to save her family business. Too bad Duncan was the sexiest man she'd ever seen; she vowed she'd never see him again…. But then, three months and three minutes later, she looked at her home pregnancy test and saw that undeniable, unmistakable blue dot….


Sentimental Journey
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Stranger in Paradise
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